Witnessing the many problems and challenges governments and aid organisations are experiencing when sourcing COVID-19 medical supplies from China, Ief Winckelmans, a Belgian entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience with doing business in China, felt he should use his background and expertise to help.​


Together with a global team of volunteers and partners, an efficient supply chain has been set up to facilitate the procurement of urgently needed medical supplies, mainly from China. Relationships with other countries are being established.

Goods are currently already being shipped to Portugal, Belgium, DRC, Ivory Coast and several states in the USA.

To cover the cost of the services provided we are charging a small and transparant service fee of 3% on the first 10 million of every order and 0.5% on any amount above that. All income will only be used to improve our crisis-response procurement service. 


- Leverage our global network to find and connect with manufacturers and official distributors.

- Work with recognised inspection and verification agencies to verify the credibility of potential suppliers and assess the quality of their products.

Specifically for China: 

We work only with with suppliers approved by China's National Medical Products Administration (NMPA)

- Leveraging our existing high-level connections to help us connect with NMPA approved vendors.

- Dedicated teams on the ground for additional due-diligence, quality control and logistics support.


The world was and is not ready for a crisis of the scale we are currently experiencing.

Over the past weeks we have experienced and witnessed the many challenges of procurement teams of all sizes. From the US Federal government to individuals states, small countries, aid organisations and hospitals, the procurement process is slow and difficult. The sales cycle is long and the risks are significant. 

With the INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION FOR CRISIS RESPONSE we try to assist as many qualified buyers as possible with the procurement of urgently needed medical supplies and equipement.


Having identified the problems and challenges, we have started to develop a unique 'Crisis-Response Procurement Platform' that addresses most of the challenges that are currently slowing down emergency-relief efforts.

More information will soon follow about this new platform that is based on how perishable goods, that don't allow for long sales-cycles, are being traded around the world for more than 100 years. 

We expect to go live with this new platform in the coming weeks.

If your organisation wants to learn more about this cloud-based crisis response procurement solution, then please send an email to iw@iocr.org

Where we are today

What we are developing - A Platform for the future.

We need instant, risk-free procurement at fair market prices and we need it NOW.

By combining historically proven trading systems with the latest cloud and big-data management technologies we are in the final stages of developing an online procurement platform that addresses all of the challenges that slow down the fight against the corona virus;


Is this overkill because the corona crisis will soon be behind us?


Hopefully that is the case, but even with the corona crisis behind us, crises will continue to happen, whether it be earthquakes, hurricanes, forrest fires or pandemics, the challenges for governments and aid organisations to rapidly and efficiently purchase vital supplies will remain.

Without the current massive bottlenecks, many more lives can be saved, and this is why we believe that a Crisis Response Procurement Platform is a wise and meaningful investment of our time and resources.


- ICT and sustainability entrepreneur

- Sold his first VC-funded company in 2001

- First business with China in 1999

- Former Sales Director Europe for Huawei Technologies' handsets & terminals business

- Brought 596 Chinese business leaders to Europe for exclusive travel experiences

- Founder of IMPACTVISTA, a global network for eco-Innovation. (www.impactvista.org)

- Chair of The Explorers Club's W. Europe Chapter (www.explorers.org)

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