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KN95 standard filtration rate 98.2%

Can be reused

  • Can be sterilized with boiling water
  • 4 layers of filtering material, filtering effect >= 95%

REM1004 - Lezheng Technology - Respirator With Changeable Filter - S9

SKU: REM1004
  • Ordering Information

    Min. Order Quantity      50,000
    Max. First Order Quantity 1,000,000
    Availability/Day To be discussed after first order
    Availability/Week To be discussed after first order
    Pricing Price On Request
  • Packing Information

    Packing Size

    1 mask with 5 filters

  • Filters

    Filter Type REM2001 - Shenzhen Lezheng Technology - Refill For Respirator - S9
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