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KN95 standard ,GB2626-2006


  • Washable and reusable masks can be used for 3 years, and even after multiple cleanings with hot water, it does not reduce the dust barrier rate of the masks, which is far more economical and durable than disposable masks.
  • Particulate Respirator Masks with Filter air to isolate the ingress and egress of PM2.5 air in line with bionics principles. for example, safety and comfort. The protection efficiency is stronger, and the clock can be more effective. PM2.5, harmful bacteria and virus.
  • Food-grade silicone imported PP particles are more fit to the skin, better sealing, can be washed with hot water or alcohol, better wearing experience, better protection of environmental protection materials, good flexibility, environmental protection, durable non-cracking, beautiful design .(the same supplier as Lotte Gum)
  • Comfortable face glasses do not fog. The air in and out conforms to the principle of bionics and fits the curve of the face. The glasses do not fog, which is safer and more convenient.
  • Five-layer purification KN95 level protection filter element Five-layer purification protection, stronger protection efficiency, replaceable filters, more effective anti-haze, PM2.5, harmful bacteria and virus.

REM1000 - Linkyooo - Mask w Changeable Filter - Model A8 - Black

SKU: REM1000
  • Ordering Information

    Min. Order Quantity      50,000
    Max. First Order Quantity 1,000,000
    Availability/Day To be discussed after first order
    Availability/Week To be discussed after first order
    Pricing Price On Request
  • Packing Information

    Packing Size

    1 package contains 1 mask and 2 pair filters

    Dimensions 1 Box = 13.5 x 11 x 7cm 


  • Filters

    Filter Type REM2000 - Linkyooo - Refill For Protective Mask - Model A8


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