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Until recently, too many lives were being lost in times of crisis because there was no effective, trusted way for buyers and suppliers of emergency-supplies to swiftly and safely transact with each other, IOCR is changing this.


IOCR has developed a cloud-based, members-only trading-platform to swiftly and responsibly trade emergency-supplies in times of crisis.


Buyer & Supplier verification

With dedicated and experienced procurement teams on the ground, and with the help of globally recognised independent inspection agencies, we verify the qualifications and reputation of all our members.


Buyers are assessed on their credit-rating. The due-diligence process of suppliers focuses on the quality of their products.

Sourcing & Trade


With the help of sophisticated AI and a global network, we can help buyers to rapidly find emergency-supplies


The next step is swift handling and avoiding long deal-making processes

Together with our partners/service-providers we have created tools and processes to facilitate rapid and secure transactions.


Transparent Allocation of Donations

For charitable foundations and other donors, there are many benefits of working with IOCR.


Not only can donors bid on products they would like to donate, and which we will then distribute to the charities of their choice. They can also offer credit to those charities and let them do their own bidding on the supplies they need.


Especially in times of crisis it becomes difficult to stick to slow and tedious  transaction processes, and it's even more complicated when partners are unknown to each other.


Through its partnerships with leading financial institutions and insurance companies, IOCR can facilitate transactions through trade-insurance, escrow and other financial protection measures. 

Descending-Price Auctions

Besides the traditional sourcing-support with RFQ's and tenders, IOCR has developed a platform that allows for instant purchasing on pre-qualified goods from our verified supplier-members.

As a non-profit organisation, we can create incentives to maximise our social and environmental impact. In our case, this means, keeping prices low and distribution fair.


Shipping & Logistics Services

Logistics in times of crisis is often even more challenging than sourcing emergency-supplies.


With the help of partners from the airline, shipping and logistics services industries, we can organise the storage, customs-handling and transportation of large volumes of emergency-supplies to any airport, port or airstrip anywhere in the world. 

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