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Tianlong Science and Technology is a leader in technology solutions for molecular diagnosis in China.


Tianlong Nucleic Acid Extractor Libex utilizes the proven magnetic-particle technology to extract highly purified nucleic acid from a wide range of sample types relevant for molecular diagnostics, genetic identity testing, forensic testing, biomedical research and gene expression analysis.


The combination of easy-to-use instruments, with pre-loaded protocols selection and magnetic particle-based sample preparation kits filled with unique special reagent ensures the rapid nucleic acid extraction and highly purified products.

LAB1001 - Tialong - Nucleic Acid Extractor - Libex

SKU: LAB1001
  • Ordering Information

    Min. Order Quantity 10
    Max. First Order Quantity 50
    Availability/Day To be discussed after first order
    Availability/Week To be discussed after first order
    Pricing Price On Request
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